New Brand Crush: Warby Parker

Last weekend I visited one of my all-time favorite people! He and I have been close friends since high school, and although at first glance we both seem to have completely transformed since then, I have only grown to appreciate him more. He is creative, spontaneous, and stylish. Recently one of his friends went to work for Warby Parker, and through that friend he has gotten to know the company and has become a passionate proponent of what they’re trying to do: transform the eye-glass industry.

Doesn’t sound revolutionary enough for you? Most glasses are produced by just a few powerful companies who artificially control and inflate prices. Warby Parker was founded in 2010 by several former students of the Wharton School of Business who saw that heavy-handed market control and price inflation as a problem that they wanted to solve. Not only did they decide to produce incredibly stylish glasses at a much lower price, they pledged that every pair of glasses they sold would be matched with a pair given away to someone in need through the charity VisionSpring, in their own words, “Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses. This means that 15% of the global population cannot effectively learn or work – a problem that Warby Parker is determined to address.”

I was already impressed by my friend’s endorsement and the company’s mission, then charmed by their… let’s be honest… adorable company bios, when I began looking through the actual glasses. I wasn’t disappointed. I found that different pairs were in turn, funky, classic and stylish. I am really lusting after the Liv sunglasses in Burgundy Fade, and they’re only $95!

Warby Parker Liv Sunglasses in Burgundy Fade $95

Warby Parker Liv Sunglasses in Burgundy Fade $95

While Warby Parker does the majority of their business online, they just opened a flagship store at 121 Greene St. in Soho.

Warby Parker Flagship Store in Soho- photo from the Hollywood Reporter

Warby Parker Flagship Store in Soho- photo from the Hollywood Reporter

Warby Parker has gained  popularity in an incredibly short amount of time, and you can spot their sunglasses in editorial spreads in magazines and in one of my favorite blogs, College Prep. It’s always more fun to support a company when you believe in their mission, and it’s hard not to endorse the lofty goals of Warby Parker. As Genevieve Bahrenburg wrote in her article for Vogue, Warby Parker has a simple message, “Look sharp, pay less, do good.”


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