The perfect weekend bag: FOUND

I have been on a mad hunt for the perfect weekend bag. If you need to hop on a plane for a weekend wedding, but want to avoid the massive hassle of checked luggage, or escape to visit a friend in the city/country/foreign nation, then you need a good weekend bag.

After all, it was this very necessity that first inspired what is arguably the greatest bag of all time…

A beautiful actress boards first class on a flight to London, and attempts to store her massive bag in the over-head compartment. The bag and all of its contents fall to the floor, and the man sitting beside her advises,”You should have one with pockets.” As she stuffs her red lipstick and her sunglasses and maybe even her sandals back into her luggage, she laments that she could not find a fine leather weekend bag that met her needs both practically and stylistically. “The day,” she says, “Hermès makes one with pockets, I will have that.” Inspired, her seat-mate returns home and creates for her the perfect weekend bag: buttery leather, a tiny gold-plated lock and key, and of course- pockets. It stands unmatched. He names the bag after the beautiful actress and bequeaths it to her, so she might carry it with pride for many years. He was the incarnation of Hermès, and her name is Jane Birkin(Here is Jane’s actual account).


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How cool is that?! I love the story of the serendipitous spark that led to the Birkin! Jane finally got her perfect getaway bag, and until I can afford a Birkin of my own (presumably never) I may have found my own perfect bag- also designed just for me! Seriously, it’s not fancy, it’s not leather, but it is monogrammed… excellent!

Kate Spade Saturday- as designed by Modern Effulgence

Kate Spade Saturday- as designed by Modern Effulgence


Kate Spade recently launched a sister brand called Kate Spade Saturday, in some ways it’s quite similar to J. Crew, and at a price point about 50% below Kate Spade. Their website allows you to design and personalize your own Weekender bag. It even has a separate compartment especially for shoes- yes please!



What qualities do you look for in your perfect weekend bag? Where have you found one? Here are a few other spectacular bags I am longing for…



THE CLASSIC: The Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 55 $1600

THE CLASSIC: The Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 55 $1600


In my dreams, I see a bag much like this one. I have been unable to find through any vendor other than ebay (where it costs $348):

The bag itself inspires travel

The bag itself inspires travel!