Colors and Confusion

I found that I have recently been mixing up my colors based purely on the moment’s convenience. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and there is no greater satisfaction than avoiding confusion by finding the most accurate and poetic word to describe one’s subject. Am I the only one who thinks diction can be glorious, even when discussing a cardigan? Probably.

The Caribbean Blues:

The Caribbean blues

The Caribbean blues

Peach to Coral to Salmon:

There’s such potential for specificity here, but I doubt many people would envision exactly the right color if you described a cardigan with some of the more obscure names. It is interesting to see the difference between coral, salmon and peach.

Peach to Coral to Salmon

Peach to Coral to Salmon

Pale Shades of Cyan:

This was actually hard to pin down, so if anyone else can find an accurate chart I would very much appreciate it.

Courtesy of Pinterest's P.S. I made this

Courtesy of Pinterest’s P.S. I made this


This deeper shade of reddish brown is hard to define, but here is is:



And here are all of its deep red cousins:


Fun Fact: Corals and teals, as well as peaches and mints, are complementary colors! Which is why this is so lovely that it makes my heart pitter-patter:

Coral and Seafoam

Which colors confuse you? Did this clarify anything, or does it even matter? Weigh in on the supremely important issue of color!


What I wore: Recycling oxblood

Oxblood was everywhere this past fall, and while I loved the deeply saturated autumn hue, it seems to be the opposite of all of the pastel and neon summer color trends. Even so, I decided to wear a spring outfit incorporating some of the pieces I collected a few months ago. My palette for this look consisted of black, wine, and cream.

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What I wore:

1.) Mossimo raspberry blazer (Target, Asos, Asos)

b + ab Velvet Mix Blazer $122.19 at Asos

b + ab Velvet Mix Blazer $122.19 at Asos

2.) Petticoat Alley 3/4 sleeve cream blouse with lace paneling (Loft, Oliver Bonas)

Loft Petite Box Pleat 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

Loft Petite Box Pleat 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

3.) Loft elastic oxblood belt (Old Navy, Neiman Marcus,)

4.) Steve Madden black suede Valantne smoking slipper (DSW)


Steve Madden black suede Valantne smoking slipper

5.) Mossimo skirt

Mossimo Skirt in black, $22.99 at Target

Mossimo Skirt in black, $22.99 at Target

6.) Talbots August 2012 gold necklace. It’s nearly impossible to find any jewelry with burgundy stones right now, but I did find some very pretty alternatives (Forever21, Banana Republic, Nordstrom).

Goddess Swag Necklace, $6.80 at Forever21

Goddess Swag Necklace, $6.80 at Forever21

How do you feel about wearing autumn colors in the springtime? What are your favorite pieces that can be worn throughout the year?

6 Trends to Try this Autumn

Fall is finally here, why not include some of this season’s hottest must-haves on your back to school list? As the leaves turn the color of flames and you start packing away those summer shorts, go shopping for items that include saturated tones, over-the-top glitz and wild textures and patterns. Here are a few fall trends to watch out for, and experiment with!

I put together a selection of each style for the shopper who likes to splurge, the responsible shopper, and the shopper who loves a bargain on pinterest under the board “Fall Trends.”

1. Feel Regal in Baroque Detailing

All about embellishments and ornamentation, this style is a refreshing change from recent minimalism. Just be aware, although it is fun to play with the gold leaf patterns and regal shimmer now, these pieces may not be ones that work in a few years.

Lipsy Baroque Mesh Top £40.00, ASOS Dolly Dress $127.73, Manolo Blahnik Swan at Barneys $1,295

2. Deep Reds; Oxblood, Wine, Scarlet, Pomegranate, Candy Apple

If you are a more hesitant shopper, or prefer investment pieces that will last you years, this may be the trend for you. Although many of these items are very of-the-moment, they can also work for years to come. It’s a way to work sexy tones of red into your wardrobe without being too loud, or work-inappropriate.

Background, left to right: Lace Panel Button Up in Burgundy and Black at $19.80, Dress at H US $34.95, Lace Pencil Skirt in Rich Pomegranate at Ann Taylor $88, Akris Punto Belted Jacket at $1,460. Foreground, left to right: Equestrian Suede Clutch at Talbots $99, Manolo Blahnik CC at Barneys New York $595.

3. Hats off to Cap-toed Shoes

I have no idea how long this will be fashionable, but this footwear can be playful or classic, and it is easy to do on the cheap- there are even tutorials describing how to make your own on pinterest!

Left to right: “Ann” pump at $29.96, Penelope Pointy Toe Pumps at Ann Taylor Loft $79.50, Vince Camuto VC Signature Prunell Pump at $250.

4. Sink your teeth into Houndstooth

Care to look sophisticated? Houndstooth is wonderful because although it may be “in” right now, this pattern is a classic standby that has never really gone “out,” so chances are you can use these pieces for a long as they last. Traditionally associated with the urbane and cultured, the pattern in black and white will always be chic, but younger readers may want to play around with houndstooth in bright pinks and blues, or unusual representations of the pattern.

Left to right: Club L Houndstooth Fit And Flare Dress on sale at Asos $37.47, Vince Camuto Houndstooth Printed Dress $128, look from Christian Dior Fall 2012 Runway

5. Be on the Hunt for Hunter Green

Another saturated color that has been all over the runways, hunter green done well can lead you elegantly into the holiday season. Green can be a tricky color with some complexions, but luckily jewel tones and darker shades are easier to pull off for almost everyone across the spectrum. If you really think the shade makes your skin look sallow (no one wants that), try it as a secondary color in a pattern or on your bottom half, so a different color is reflected near you face.

Left to right: Dress at H&M US $29.95, Talbots Grace Fit Cord Jacket $119, Saffield Silk Twill Blouse at $295

6. You knew “50 Shades” would reach the Runway eventually; Lace and Leather

Lace, and Lace panels, have actually been popular all summer- I know you saw those adorable lace shorts in cream, hot pink, and black. This winter turns the drama up with jewel-tones and stream-lined silhouettes. Leather accents were also all over the runway, and the two are sometimes married in pieces that juxtapose the innocent and the slightly naughty.

Left to right: Jersey Skirt with imitation patent leather front at H&M US $24.95, Tinley Road Vegan Leather Peplum Top at Piperlime $98, Christopher Kane Leather Trimmed Crepe Wool Halterneck Dress £1,105.00

There are certainly other trends worth experimenting with this fall, and you may find several rolled up into one piece. Have fun and try to avoid looking either like Liberace or a dominatrix. When in doubt, pair wild pieces with those classic items every woman should have in her closet. A few other styles you can watch for include tweed, snakeskin, fur collars, menswear inspired looks, animal prints, and faux military garb.

Which trends are you most excited to try, and which do you think should be on the list but aren’t? Dispense your fashion wisdom in the comments section below, and for bargains, investments and splurges check out our pinterest board!